10 Funny Summer Solstice Quotes To Celebrate Your Favorite Season

10 funny summer solstice quotes to celebrate the start of the warm season.

The 2014 summer solstice has arrived this year (June 21, 2014) and to celebrate the longest day of the year -- in the Northern Hemisphere -- you can go to an outdoor concert or host a BBQ. But what exactly is a summer solstice? Also known as midsummer, the summer solstice is when the sun will reach its northernmost point in the sky. 

And while the arrival of summer has been long after the harsh winter, what better way to celebrate than with 10 funny quotes about the summer solstice? 

1. "Summer vacation: where you drink triple, see double and act single."

2. "I wonder what the blood alcohol level is of all these mosquitos that keep biting me?"

3. "It's almost Summer! Time to find out what my friends with swimming pools have been up to since last summer..."

4. "Summer meant watching cartoons all morning, roaming the neighborhood all day and going back home when the streetlights turned on."

5. "Someone asked me what book I read of the summer. I replied with, "Facebook."

6. "I wish summer would get pregnant so we'd have 9 months off."

7. "Summer is the season when a man thinks he can cook better on an outdoor grill than his wife can on an indoor stove."

8. "Summer is like the ultimate one-night stand...hot as hell, totally thrilling, and gone before you know it."

9. "Summer should get a speeding ticket."

10. "Over summer, a lot of parents pick up their troubles and send them off to summer camp."

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