'The Bridge' Premiere: Spoilers, Synopsis And Things To Know About The FX New Show [PREVIEW]

"The Bridge" premieres July 10, 2013.

FX's new crime-thriller show "The Bridge" is premiering Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 10PM. The show revolves around the U.S.-Mexico border and will chronicle the journey of Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger), an officer from the El Paso PD, and Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir), her Mexican counterpart from the Chihuahua State Police to find a serial killer who works on both sides of the border.

What will definitely set this show apart is the characterization of Sonya Cross, as Kruger plays a cop with Asperger's Syndrome and in turn, is incredibly socially awkward. Her partner in this investigation, Marco Ruiz, is the complete opposite to her characterization.

"Marco understands the slippery politics of Mexican law enforcement, and while his police force slowly succumbs to the pressures and demands of the cartel, he's one of the last good men in the department," reveals FX. "He's charming, but also cunning as he will do whatever it takes to get what he needs."

"This does not sit well with Sonya, who has Asperger's and strictly follows rules as well as protocol," adds FX. "Her candid and off-putting personality fuels an unforgiving drive for truth. The case quickly pulls them into a string of murders on the border, a scene already consumed by illegal immigration, drug trafficking, violence and prostitution."

Many people have drawn similarities with the new show to previously popular shows. For instance, comparisons have been drawn to AMC's hit show "Breaking Bad" and many have noted that the nature of the relationship between the two different, but compatible, leads is similar to Fox's hit show, "Bones." That said, given that Bichir's character is married, the chances of a relationship between the two characters is slim to none.

Unlike many other crime procedural TV shows, which feature one separate crime per case, this show will most likely have a season-long case similar to "Homeland." Whether season 2 will be a continuation of the case or carry forth with a different case will be determined as the end of the season approaches.The other comparison to "Homeland" is Kruger's character: Her character suffers from a condition which can be compared to Claire Dane's character who suffers from Bipolar Disorder.

The Asperger's part of the role "is really what drew me initially also to the project," Kruger reveals, "because, yes, she has this condition, and there are so many shortcomings in her personal life that appear because of it, yet she is so different in her job because she has this ability to focus and to really look at things from a different point of view."

"There will continue to be movies that have great female roles, but I definitely think that on cable television, from Mad Men to Homeland or Robin Wright in House of Cards, the female parts are so well written and unafraid," Kruger said to TVLine. "It seems to me that ... the audience is looking for characters like that, and it's very exciting for women."

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