'Dexter' Season 8 Series Finale: Huge Spoilers Alert! Leak On Reddit Reveals Fate of Dexter, Hannah, Harrison, Debra Morgan And Quinn

Dexter returns for its final season on June 30.

UPDATE: Dexter Series Finale: 3 Interpretations Of The Last Episode Of Dexter

"Dexter" is on its final season and fans are eagerly awaiting to find out what happens to Dexter and all the other characters we've grown to know and love throughout the years. One of the major questions is whether Dexter dies or not and recent rumors have suggested that Deb may die as well. In fact, Jennifer Carpenter has even gone on record to state that she hopes her character dies. "I want the character to die," Carpenter told Entertainment Weekly about Debra Morgan. "Every actor has to shed their character, shake the ghost off. For my own well-being, I need this story to have an ending." Will Debra Morgan Die? 'Dexter' Season 8 Spoilers Suggests Character Will Be Killed!

Now a leak from Reddit has some ominous findings about the characters and supposedly reveals the fate of each character. We're warning you now--if you read the rest of this, you will stumble upon some major spoilers! First off, Dexter does not die. Happy? Don't get too excited because according to the supposed spoilers, Deb dies in the show. Deb's death leads Dexter to quit his serial killing profession and to move away with Hannah and Harrison. As for Quinn, he becomes the next Dexter. Who Is The Brain Surgeon In Dexter Season 8? 6 Possible Theories Of Who Is The Killer [SPOILERS]

According to the entry, Dexter and Harrison will be on their way to Brazil while Hannah is being followed by Elway. Dexter is receiving phone calls from Quinn, but he ignores it, as he has a fake bomb threat to make (to get Elway off Hannah's back) and to fix Harrison's wounds. Once Dexter picks up Quinn's call, he learns that Deb has been hurt. "Dexter tries to talk again but Quinn again interrupts him. "It's bad Dex..." and it sounds like Quinn starts crying. Dexter tries to calm Quinn down, but even his voice his shaky as he asks how bad," writes the supposed Showtime employee. "Dexter's inner voice comments on how annoying all these newfound emotions have been ever since he saw Vogel killed in front of him. Quinn responds barely fighting back more tears, saying that "They don't think she'll make it through the night."" Will Dexter Die In Season 8? Cast And Creators Seem To Be Hinting At Fatal End To Popular Showtime Series 

Dexter updates Hannah and returns to the hospital where everyone is there for Deb. Elway shows up and tells Dexter he thinks Deb was working with Hannah, which causes Dexter to explode. Quinn takes Dexter to an empty x-ray lab and tells him that Saxon was captured and that he didn't tell anyone because Saxon deserves to be killed. Quinn admits that he always had a hunch about Dexter's ways but was convinced during the Travis Marshall case. "[Quinn] tells Dexter how he sees the good in it, even going as far as saying Dexter has done more meaningful things than Quinn ever has," writes the anonymous poster. "Dexter falls back into a chair and starts bawling. He tells Quinn everything, how he let Doakes take the fall for BHB, how Deb found out, how Deb killed Laguerta to protect him, and how he could not kill Saxon and has totally lost his urge to kill because of Hannah, and that he was planning on leaving the country with her." 'Dexter' Season 8 Spoiler Roundup: Everything You Need To Know About The Show's Final Season 

Quinn tells Dexter he will do the killing and Dexter gives him the M99. With Dexter's tools with him, Quinn goes to kill Saxon. Upon capturing Saxon, Quinn learns that Saxon killed Deb for no good reason. Dexter finally goes in to Deb's room before her surgery. While Deb undergoes surgery, Quinn works on killing Saxon. Quinn ultimately kills Saxon and Deb flatlines, and the doctors are unable to resuscitate her. Who Is The Brain Surgeon In Dexter Season 8? 6 Possible Theories Of Who Is The Killer [SPOILERS]

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