FIFA World Cup 2014: 30 Hottest Players From All Your Favorite Teams All Over The World! [PHOTOS]

The FIFA World Cup 2014 has officially started! In the next few weeks we will be glued to our TVs enjoying soccer’s biggest party, so big it only happens every four years. The World Cup is an international competition in which the men’s national soccer teams of the members of the “Fédération Internationale de Football Association” or FIFA, compete against each other to become world champions. The current champions are Spain, who won against the Netherlands back in South Africa in 2010, and the country with the most wins is Brazil with five, who happens to be the World Cup host this year.

Although it’s very exciting to watch a “fútbol” game and feel the energy and scream when your favorite team scores, or curse the rival team if they score, there’s another reason, or rather, reasons why many women (and men) will be watching. Yes, there are plenty of women (and men) who enjoy the sport, but for others, the players will be the main attraction. Just in case you were wondering where the hottest players are, we’ve put together 30 of the sexiest ones (and there are many, many more), so you can look up when their countries will play and watch them in action. Trust me, they look way better when they’re all dirty and sweaty and tired from a long and exciting game.

Scroll through our gallery above to see 30 of the hottest players competing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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