Geraldo Ramos, 64, Passes Out Drunk And Wakes Up Without A Penis [VIDEO]

Geraldo Ramos
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If you've ever woken up after a night of drinking not knowing where you were or what happened to your possessions, then this story will put those bad mornings into perspective. Geraldo Ramos, a 64-year-old Dominican man, told local TV station Noticias Sin that he passed out drunk and woke up without a body part: his penis.

The Santiago native told the station that he has no idea where his penis is or what happened. But that's not to say the mystery is unsolvable. Neighbors told the local TV station that Geraldo Ramos was attacked by a dog while he was drunk.

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That said, Geraldo Ramos has no recollection of this event taking place and one would think that he would wake up feeling the residual pain of having your penis chewed off by a dog. The dog allegedly guilty of removing Geraldo Ramos' penis has yet to be found.

If you think this story is too far-fetched to be true, then consider this: A paralyzed man in Arkansas woke up one fine day in July to find his dog had eaten one of his testicles and in June, a dog in Brazil, Indiana chewed off his owner's toes.

As for Geraldo Ramos, he told Noticias Sin that he learned his lesson and would be refraining from drinking alcohol here on out.

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