'The Good Wife' Season 5 Spoilers: Did Peter Cheat? Plus 4 Leaks About The Rest Of The Season!

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The 100th episode of "The Good Wife" ended with a baby bomb cliffhanger: Ethics lawyer Marilyn Garbanza revealed that she's naming her unborn son Peter. Eli Gold spits out his water in shock, as he has a theory about the father's paternity given Peter Florreck's questionable past. In fact, when the show returns, Eli will be recruiting Kalinda to look into the paternity of Garbanza's baby to determine if it is a coincidence or not. So, is Peter the father? Maybe, or maybe not. Series co-creators Robert and Michelle King told TVLine that the ending was left intentionally ambiguous. "We pick up a second later in the 101st episode [airing in early 2014], and we go into more detail," said Robert King. "It's meant to be comic and worrisome at the same time. Eli's going to look at the dates and see if it makes sense." Michelle King added: "Eli's certainly worried about that possibility." Here are four things to know about the rest of Season 4: 

1. English actor Matthew Goode ("Watchmen" and "Leap Year") will be playing a recurring role on "The Good Wife" according to TVLine. Goode will be playing a prosecutor who befriends Alicia after making the decision to lead his career in a different direction. Could he be a new love interest for Alicia?

2. Will still has residual feelings for Alicia. Robert King told Vulture that Will's reaction after learning that Alicia was leaving was more about his heartbreak than what she was doing. "But as with most things in life, there's that problem that's buried deep beneath, that you kind of push aside, something that you'd rather not face because to go there is the dark night of the soul time," said Robert King. "That's what we were trying to explore, that dark night of the soul of a relationship that meant more than almost anything to him, that is now over."

3. Alicia and Peter's marriage is not rock solid, even though they have seemingly reconciled. "Alicia is still in the original [mindset] that her husband betrayed her," said Robert King in an interview about "The Good Wife." "And then there was the second betrayal with Kalinda. And Alicia wants to believe she has moved on from that, but I still think it's partly there. They are very much a Bill-and-Hillary couple in that they sort of need each other politically: Alicia because she started her own firm, and his name still means something; and Peter because without her [he can't be forgiven in the eyes of voters]. It's in a tentative place. Having said that, Alicia is a sexual being who, every now and then, desires her husband. So she's slightly divided between that and whether [she] loves and is committed to [him] over the long-term."

4. Alicia still has feelings for Will. Yes, it seems like she is over her former relationship but according to Robert and Michelle King, the truth is that Alicia just has too many things on her plate to give her former relationship the light of day. "The difference between Will and Alicia is that Alicia has a lot of other stuff pulling at her mental state that Will doesn't have," said Michelle King to TVLine. "She has two kids, she's trying to start a new firm... there isn't as much mental space for it."

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