'The Good Wife' Season 5 Spoilers Roundup: See 8 Leaked Details About The New Season Here!

"The Good Wife" Season 4 Finale Episode 22 "What's In A Box"
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"The Good Wife" is returning to television this Sunday (Sept. 29) on CBS. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see how Alicia (Julianna Margulies) plans to leave the firm with Carey (Matt Czuchry). This will, definitely, be a betrayal to her mentor, Will (Josh Charles). Fans were curious to see who was at Alicia's door -- it was Carey -- and Julianna Margulies told E! that she was glad it wasn't Will. "I would not have been happy if it was Will," Margulies admitted. "They didn't tell me how it was going to end and when I was reading the script I thought, 'Oh god, I hope we're not becoming that soap opera, that constant love triangle.' It's just going to get old too fast and it's just going to undermine these characters. So the ending, when I read it the first time I remember calling them and being like 'Oh my god, you're brilliant! Thank you!'" Here are eight things to know about the new season:

1. Peter will be tempted this season, as he is surrounded by beautiful women, while Alicia adjusts to becoming the governor's wife. "It really challenges her moral compass as someone who always wants to do good, but it is incredibly provocative to be in a powerful situation," says Margulies of Alicia's new role. 2. Kalinda may find love! This season will introduce a character played by Juliet Rylance who will be Kalinda's romantic interest. Additionally, the firm's new division will put Kalinda in a weird place. "Kalinda feels a little betrayed that she didn't know Alicia was leaving. There's a real tension there about the fact that Kalinda feels a little bit abandoned," executive producer Robert King says. 3. Alicia and Carey won't be coming clean about their new firm any time soon. "We want to get the audience wet with this difficulty of betraying your firm," revealed King. "What we want is the quiet before the s-tstorm."

4. Many famous names will be joining the cast, including: Talia Balsam, Melissa George and other recurring characters such as America Ferrera, Gary Cole, Jeffrey Tambor and Carrie Preston. 5. David Lee will be a series regular. "David Lee now is a much bigger fixture and he really is the most immoral character on the show," said Julianna Margulies to the Huffington Post. "He'd throw anybody under the bus ... I think she doesn't want to be around it. She believes -- or she's trying to make herself believe -- that she can have a firm with distinct morals and values that is not the path of Lockhart/Gardner. That definitely plays into it." 6. Season 5 just may be the last time viewers will see Will on the show. TVLine.com reported that actor Josh Charles' contract was renewed for one more year and then left open. "It's what Josh is about. He's someone who wants to always explore different sides of himself. And how [season five] goes helps him decide what he wants to do," said series creator King. "That sounds like there's some contentiousness in our relationship. There's not. Josh is one of the friendliest and nicest actors I've met. Anything that is contractual stays with the agents."

7. Alicia will be playing dirty, which is unlike her "good girl" image. "(Alicia Florrick) really is a good girl, but it's always nice to be wanted," Julianna Margulies says in this CBS interview. It will be interesting to see Alicia stand up against her two former mentors, especially Will, who brought her into the firm. 8. There will be a "civil war" at the firm and for the first time, Alicia will be against Will. "I mean, there are moments where people are going to hate my character and think she's just awful and then literally the next scene, you're going to understand why she did what she did and hate Will's character and then it will flip," Margulies said.

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