'The Good Wife' Season 5 Spoilers: Will Alicia Leave Peter For Will Over His Supposed Affair With Marilyn?

Will Alicia leave Peter?

The 100th episode of "The Good Wife" aired on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013. The jaw-dropping episode ended with a shocker: Ethics lawyer Marilyn Garbanza reveals that she's naming her unborn child Peter. This news comes as a shock to Eli Gold, who spits his water out for the same reason that fans were shocked--Is Peter the father? Peter Florreck has a questionable past, to say the least, and it would not seem too surprising to learn that he had an affair with Marilyn. After all, the entire premise and foundation of this show is his indiscretions. That said, viewers have seen Peter change and evolve over the past five seasons. Fans will have to wait until 2014 to learn if Peter is the father or if Marilyn's choice of name is simply just a name. Series cocreators Robert and Michelle King reveal in an interview with TVLine that they left the ending intentionally ambiguous and would play out the story arch when the show returns from the mid-season hiatus in 2014. "The latter. And we pick up a second later in the 101st episode [airing in early 2014], and we go into more detail," said Robert King. "It's meant to be comic and worrisome at the same time. Eli's going to look at the dates and see if it makes sense." Michelle King added: "Eli's certainly worried about that possibility." RELATED: 'The Good Wife' Season 5 Spoilers: Did Peter Cheat On Alicia With Ethics Lawyer Marilyn?

If Peter is the father, then it's safe to say that Alicia will leave him for good. Alicia has stood by a lot and it has taken her time to rebuild her trust in her husband and get their marriage to where it is, but getting Marilyn pregnant would be a last straw. Not only did Alicia have to face the media about her husband's alleged affairs with prostitutes, but she also had to learn that he had slept with Kalinda. Curious where Alicia and Peter's marriage stands right now, without her knowing of Marilyn's pregnancy?. Robert King tells TVLine: "Alicia is still in the original [mindset] that her husband betrayed her. And then there was the second betrayal with Kalinda. And Alicia wants to believe she has moved on from that, but I still think it's partly there. They are very much a Bill-and-Hillary couple in that they sort of need each other politically: Alicia because she started her own firm, and his name still means something; and Peter because without her [he can't be forgiven in the eyes of voters]. It's in a tentative place. Having said that, Alicia is a sexual being who, every now and then, desires her husband. So she's slightly divided between that and whether [she] loves and is committed to [him] over the long-term." RELATED: 'The Good Wife' Season 5 Episode 10 Spoilers: Where To Watch 'Decision Tree' Online

If Alicia ends things with Peter, then the next natural question is: Does she run to Will? The creative team of the show has hinted that Will and Alicia don't really hate each other and there are still residual feelings left. In fact, Robert King told Vulture that Will's reaction after learning that Alicia was leaving was more about his heartbreak than what she was doing. "But as with most things in life, there's that problem that's buried deep beneath, that you kind of push aside, something that you'd rather not face because to go there is the dark night of the soul time," said Robert King. "That's what we were trying to explore, that dark night of the soul of a relationship that meant more than almost anything to him, that is now over." And if you think it's only Will who is pining for Alicia, then know you're wrong! Robert King added: "She's not more over it than he is. At the end of act one, when she looks over at him and sees what he's suggesting, that he wants to put her on the stand, it's like, Oh my God, your hatred really is appalling. You're seeing her disbelief that he's gonna go there, that he's going to use pillow talk in his cross examination. But when she remembers him rubbing her leg under the table, it's because she's still attracted to the idea of Will as sexual object. And obviously what comes with that is passion for love, or passion for another person. I don't think she's over it at all. Will just hasn't faced his heartbreak until this moment, and it's coming out in very ugly and depressing ways."

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