'Hart of Dixie' Season 3 Spoilers: 4 Reasons Why George Tucker Is Not The Right Match For Zoe Hart

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Fans of "Hart of Dixie" can attest that Zoe Hart has had her fair share of romantic pursuers. The New York-bred doctor inevitable comes back to two men in Bluebell, Alabama: George Tucker and Wade. While she's dated the latter, her on-again-off-again romance with George Tucker is one that never quite blossoms into a relationship. And if you ask us, that's for the best. While George Tucker is seemingly perfect--he's respected, a lawyer, and always does the right thing--he's just not compatible with Zoe Hart. Here are four reasons why George Tucker should not be with Zoe Hart:

1. They are too similar. George and Zoe both spent time in New York and are cosmopolitan and worldly. While they both love Alabama, they're well-read and share a lot of the same interests. In fact, they're too similar to actually make it work. If you ask us, they're perfect for being best friends who hang out all the time. Their shared interest is a great foundation for friendship, but not necessarily a romantic relationship.

2. They lack chemistry. Yes, we know they are attracted to each other but that doesn't mean the two characters have chemistry. In fact, George and Zoe are so similar and diplomatic that chances are they'd never get into a fight. Their lack of chemistry, or friction rather, will lead to a mediocre relationship that will inevitably dull out. That's not to say that Zoe needs someone wild, but Wade definitely provides the good-bad balance in Zoe's life.

3. They don't complete each other. Since George and Zoe are so similar, they don't quite complete each other. Zoe is a bit uptight and goody two-shoes and George is the same. When Zoe was in a relationship with Wade, she grew as a person becoming a better version of herself. She mellowed out and Wade was able to balance out all her traits, as she was able to do the same for him. Think about it: Wade had the patience to deal with Zoe's antics while she made him grow as a person and become a better version of himself.

4. They never approach their relationship the right way. From the get-go, their timing was always off. Zoe and George were drawn to each other while George was engaged and to be married to Lemon. The second time Zoe tried to make it work with George was when he just got into a relationship with Tansy. Each and every time they realize their feelings for each other or want to pursue a relationship, there's always another individual involved who is being disrespected or hurt.

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