'Hart Of Dixie' Season 3 Spoilers: Zoe's New Love Interest Revealed To Be Joel! [PREVIEW]

Who is Zoe's new man?

Season 3 of "Hart of Dixie" will begin with Zoe returning to Bluebell, Alabama after spending the summer in New York. The second season ended with Zoe being confused about her romantic life after Wade confesses his feelings for her. Zoe, as fans will know, has been holding a torch for George and has some friction and tension with Noah. But if you think Zoe Hart will pick one of the three boys who are in pursuit of her, think again! Rumors have leaked that Josh Cooke has been hired to play a character named Joel, who will be Zoe's new love interest.

Joel will be Zoe's new beau, reports E! News, and their relationship will be serious enough that his family will come into town to meet her. One family member in particular will be Sylvie, Joel's aunty, who comes to town to celebrate Hanukkah with the two. According to TVFanatic, Joel will play a New Yorker who stops by Bluebell to get inspiration for his new book. Feeling out of place in Bluebell, Joel and Zoe will bond over New York and their mutual "fish out of water" feelings in Alabama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the character will be a recurring character who pops up during the season premiere.

But if you think this means Zoe and Wade are forever done, think again! Executive producer Leila Gerstein told TVLine that Wade cheating on Zoe "was never intended to be the end" of their romance and relationship and actor Wilson Bethel (who plays Wade) has revealed in an interview that Zoe and Wade reunited seems logical for the upcoming season. "It's probably good that there's a bit of anticipation about what she will do" come the fall," said Bethel of the season finale.

As far as other romantic story arch, Kaitlyn Black has become a series regular for the new season. The actress told TVLine that she's "overjoyed to be joining such a talented cast and extremely grateful to be part of the CW family." "Kaitlyn started off with one line, and we fell in love with her," added show creator Leila Gerstein. "Her part has grown and grown as the writing staff has become more enraptured with Annabeth (and Kaitlyn). And, at this point, she has become so integral to the series -- as Lemon's best friend, as Lavon's girlfriend, and as Zoe's confidante -- that we needed to make sure she was all ours!"

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