‘Homeland’ Season 3 Episode 2 Live Stream Online: Watch What Will Happen In 'Uh... Oh... Ah...'

"Homeland" Season 4 spoilers

"Homeland" returns on Sunday, October 6 on Showtime at 9 PM ET/PT for Season 3 Episode 2. You can catch the show on Showtime, or catch a live stream on ShowTime online for free tomorrow. Showtime teases: "Saul tries to track down those responsible for the attack on Langley; Quinn takes matters into his own hands; Carrie learns who is on her side; the Brody family starts therapy." The season premiere showed Brody's family coping in the aftermath of the accusations placed against him. Dana apparently is in therapy after she, in Jessica's blunt words, slit her wrists in a bathtub and Saul is struggling in his investigation. 

A preview shows that the Carrie's relationship with Brody has been leaked to the media. While her identity is not revealed, the media knows that someone in the CIA was in a relationship with Brody. Carrie goes to the journalist who published the story and is clearly on the verge of the meltdown, asking the journalist to believe her that the CIA is behind the whole thing. Carrie is then approached by three officers who tell her she is under psychiatric detention. 'Homeland' Season 3 Spoilers: Does New Trailer Hint At Brody's Fate? [VIDEO]

Tonight's episode will also shed more light into how Brody's family will cope with what he's been accused of. "My mind goes back to early Homeland, in the first season, when there was significant debate at the studio and network level about whether anybody would be interested in watching Brody's wife and children," said showrunner Alex Gansa. "We faced the same issue this year, which is without Brody actually physically at the Brody house, on the premises, in the United States, was there going to be any interest in watching Jessica and Chris and Dana? The argument that won the day in the story room was there are all these families that are the victims of somebody in the family doing an act of violence." 'Homeland' Season 3 Spoilers: Will Nicholas Brody Return Or Will The Character Be Killed Off?

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