'Homeland' Season 3 Spoilers: Will Nicholas Brody Return Or Will The Character Be Killed Off?

What song is featured in the Season 3 trailer for "Homeland."

"Homeland" Season 2 ended with a dramatic turn of events, with a terrorist attack that killed hundreds (219, to be specific) of people and the blame went on Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis). Whether or not Brody was involved is still up in the air. To be fair, we all know Brody is involved but the real question is: Was he actively involved in the attack or was he framed by Abu Nasir?

Having been on the show for two seasons, Nick Brody has become a staple to the show and chances are, fans cannot imagine the series continuing without him. Unfortunately for fans of Brody, the start of Season 3 will be without Nick Brody.

"These guys have been trying to kill me off since the end of season one," said Lewis jokingly to a panel discussing the new season. "I'm on a stay of execution. I don't know for how much longer."

This plot line makes logical sense, since Brody is a wanted terrorist and is currently hiding out in Canada. So logically, his MIA status fits the plot line. But until Carey (Claire Danes) manages to prove his innocence (or learn of his guilt), it is unclear when the actor will return and when he does, for how long he will be staying on the show.

Unfortunately, an interview with David Nevins, Showtime's president of entertainment, hints at the notion that Brody could be killed off from the series. Or, at the very least, eliminated from the show.

"You can't keep the same dynamic. They will have to change it up. There is no question which master you try to serve," Nevins said to HuffPost TV. "But I've never been scared of change. 'Friday Night Lights' [which Nevins produced] flipped over the entire cast between seasons. Can you ever love the show without the characters you loved initially? You do start to fall in love with other characters and new great actors get turned out. I think same thing is true of 'Homeland.'"

Brody's fate not only affects his character, but the presence of his family on the show. Will the rest of the cast be around without him? If not, then where will the story line proceed from here?

"I want our producers to take risks," Nevins said. "One thing about the new form of television is that it's not about resetting everything back to the beginning at the end of every episode. You more forward in the story. You move forward in time. You take risks, and sometimes, you get beat up for them. But I've said it before -- the enemy of good television is boredom and predictability."

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