'Homeland' Season 4 Start Date: When Does Showtime Series Return? Plus 4 New Spoilers

"Homeland" Season 3 Episode 2

Emmy-winning CIA drama "Homeland" will be returning for a fourth season in 2014, according to a statement by premium cable network Showtime. "'Homeland' continues to prove its strength for Showtime, and is one of television's most exciting, provocative and widely-discussed shows. It has grown its audience significantly in each of its three seasons," said David Nevins, Showtime entertainment president, in a statement. Given the premiere dates of the first three season, it is safe to assume that Season 4 of "Homeland" will premiere in the end of September or the first week of October. 

1. According to TV Line, Dana (Morgan Saylor) and Jessica (Morena Baccarin) will not be returning for season 4 of the Showtime series. Thus far, there is no confirmation on whether or not the two characters will be seen in flashback or in any capacity. "Carrie might circle back and connect with one of them for this reason or that, the main reason being to inform them exactly why and how Brody died, which right now has to be kept as a very tightly held secret. The last thing the Revolutionary Guard or the Ayatollahs in Tehran would want to hear is that this was actually a CIA operation," says showrunner Alex Gansa to Entertainment Weekly.

2. Saul will be back! While the season finale showed him in New York City and away from his job, the creative team of the show has confirmed that he will reprise his role. "Everybody should rest assured that Mandy Patinkin is coming back as a series regular," says Gansa to Entertainment Weekly. "I can tell you that with 100 percent certainty. Although he's not at a desk at Langley anymore, the CIA does outsource a lot of jobs to private contractors. He's going to be in that circle, he's still in the intelligence-gathering profession and the CIA could use somebody of his immense skills and knowledge for various intelligence work."

3. Fan will get to see Carrie as an operative in Istanbul doing what she does best. "One of the ideas that we're really toying around with next year is [to have] Carrie go and do what she was trained to do, and that is be a case officer in a foreign country," Gansa tells TVLine. "And as she mentioned to Sen. Lockhart, she gets to choose her own people. So Quinn [Rupert Friend], Fara ... Virgil and possibly Max may come along with her. We get to bring some of our familiar faces overseas." 

4. Everyone knows that Carrie is pregnant with Brody's baby and in the last scene, she seemed unsure about motherhood. While her father offered to raise her child, it seems like Carrie will be off to Istanbul with her baby on board. But what happens next? It's hard to imagine the bipolar Carrie as a mother and an operative. The creative team of the show, according to blog Zap2It, has yet to make a decision about Carrie's child and what she will do with her daughter. 

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