How Will 'Dexter' End? 5 Predictions About How The Show Will End

"Dexter" Season 8 Episode 8

The final episode of "Dexter" is upon us and fans are eagerly awaiting to see the fate of some of the show's favorite characters. There has been much speculation about whether Dexter will die or live, with the Season 8 teaser hinting that Dexter will die. "I've always been a very neat monster," says Dexter in the Season 8 teaser. "But lately, the truth has begun to spill and too many people have seen the full picture. I'm losing control. And the only thing I know for sure, is that it isn't going to be pretty."

Additionally, Executive Producer Scott Buck reveals in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that, "When you examine any serial killer, there are only so many endings you can have -- and serial killers don't generally end on a happy note."

That said, a Reddit leak claims to have revealed the ending of the show and Dexter does not necessarily die. Regardless, here are the five most popular predictions about how the show will end:

1. Deb dies and Dexter lives happily ever after in Argentina. The Reddit leak reveals that the brain surgeon will kill Deb and Quinn will kill the brain surgeon (Saxon). Dexter will be unable to murder anymore due to his love for Hannah, and he will run away to Argentina with Harrison and Hannah. Quinn apparently knows about Dexter's murderous ways, but is cool with it. "[Quinn] tells Dexter how he sees the good in it, even going as far as saying Dexter has done more meaningful things than Quinn ever has," writes the anonymous poster. "Dexter falls back into a chair and starts bawling. He tells Quinn everything, how he let Doakes take the fall for BHB, how Deb found out, how Deb killed Laguerta to protect him, and how he could not kill Saxon and has totally lost his urge to kill because of Hannah, and that he was planning on leaving the country with her."

It is also revealed that Quinn will be the new Dexter. Read more on the Season 8 series finale leak on Reddit here.

2. Hannah kills Dexter. This would certainly be a tragic way for the show to end, since Dexter seems to be head over heels with Hannah. But one does have to question why Hannah mysteriously reappears and the convenient timing of it all. Could she be in it to murder Dexter? While it is plausible, motive becomes a huge question since Hannah has no major reason to want to murder Dexter. It could be that Hannah is upset that Dexter sent her away the first time around (but can she hold a serious grudge that long?) or that she's more vicious than Dexter ever anticipated -- perhaps Hannah has evolved as a murderer and has gotten accustomed to the taste of blood. This alleged leak also claims that Deb and Quinn get married.

3. Dexter kills Deb. An alternate theory is that Dexter ends up killing Deb and then leaves for Argentina with Hannah and Harrison. While this prediction (let's call it "fan fiction" for now) is a possibility, most fans can agree that the odds of Dexter killing Deb are slim. If there's anyone who Dexter truly loves, it is Deb. It just doesn't seem logical or rational that Dexter kill his sister -- the one person who unconditionally had his back. However, it could be that Dexter inadvertently kills Deb or finds himself responsible for her death. This theory also includes Quinn becoming the next serial killer. RELATED: Will Debra Morgan Die? 'Dexter' Season 8 Spoilers Suggests Character Will Be Killed.

4. Deb dies and Hannah betrays Dexter. This would, as many of the predictions above, be devastating. Deb would die, presumably by Saxon, and Hannah would be revealed to be working with the police department. This theory involves Dexter ultimately getting arrested, as Hannah would rat him out. While this would be a horrible ending for the character of Dexter, one could see this as a possible scenario. Think about it: Hannah could easily have made a deal with the police to get her record wiped clean (or for a smaller sentencing, if she got caught) in return for turning in Dexter. RELATED: 'Dexter' Season 8 Spoiler Roundup: Everything You Need To Know About The Show's Final Season

5. Dexter has been in a coma the whole season. Remember the end of Season 7? A lot of fans are wondering if Deb shot Dexter instead of Laguerta, and he has been in a coma the whole 8th season, living some kind of ideal world. This would explain why this season has no made sense at all, why there's no closure around any former storylines. Why he loves Hannah and why he accepts Quinn, and why he chose not to act under the code anymore. This ending suggests he will wake up in the minute 45 of the last episode, and realize everyone knows he is a serial killer and he will end up killing himself.

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