Is Judith Still Alive? Tell Us If You Think 'The Walking Dead' Baby Did Not Die [POLL]

Is baby Judith alive in "The Walking Dead"?

If you saw "The Walking Dead" season 4 action-packed mid-season finale on Sunday, Dec. 1, then you know that the episode was filled with shocking deaths. Hershel was beheaded by the Governor in front of his two daughters, and then he was killed by Rick. In other devastating news, baby Judith is seemingly dead, as Rick and Carl stumbled upon her bloody car seat. After the heart wrenching episode, there has been a lot of online speculation regarding Judith's fate and whether or not she's really dead. RELATED: 'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: Is Baby Judith Alive? 4 Signs That Rick's Daughter Did Not Die

The first hint suggesting that Judith may not be alive was aired in the episode: There was no body. While it is highly likely the network did not want to show a baby's body, the lack of body leaves the door open to Judith being alive. Adding fuel to fire, Judith was exempt from the memorial reel in the "Talking Dead," which went over all the other characters that lost their lives in the show. What's more, series creator Robert Kirkman is being cryptic about the fate of Judith, hinting that there's more in store for the young child. "There was a lot of blood in that car seat, I don't know," said Kirkman in an interview. "You'll have to tune in."

Fans who have read the comics can recall that Judith dies in the comics when her mother, Lori, is shot and falls on the newborn baby. As such, Judith has outlived her comic counterpart in the television series, which suggests that her fate is not tied to the comic and the creative team can keep her alive. One theory that many people are predicting is that someone from the Governor's side has taken baby Judith and will use her as leverage. Regardless, her fate will hopefully be revealed after the mid-season finale when the show returns in February 2014. RELATED: 'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: 4 Things To Know About Remainder Of Season 4 After The Mid-Season Finale

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