Latinos In Trouble With The Law: See What Got Christina Aguilera, William Levy, Don Omar And More In Hot Water [PHOTOS]

Christian Chavez's recent brush with the law is reminiscent of years of similar problems from at least a dozen Latino stars.

Check the blurbs below for a recap of scandals regarding the Latino community's rich and famous:

Pablo Montero: In 2007, the singer, whose legal name is actually Oscar Hernandez, was arrested in Miami after police found cocaine in his car when he was pulled over for driving recklessly, the Associated Press reported. He was stopped in the middle of the day for allegedly running a red light in his BMW. Montero told police that the bag containing crystalline material belonged to him and not a passenger riding with him. He later pleaded not guilty in court, but was still convicted. He was released early after agreeing to enter a drug rehabilitation program.

Paulina Rubio: Miami police put the Mexican pop singer in handcuffs in summer of 2011 following a minor traffic accident in which her BMW collided with another car in the Little Havana neighborhood, according to the Daily Mail. Police ordered her to get out of her vehicle and she responded by cursing at officers and asserting that "all of you Miami cops are abusive." She was handcuffed for refusing to comply, but was not taken into custody because she had to breastfeed her son. Rubio later apologized.

Vadhir Derbez: The son of renowned comedian Eugenio Derbez was pulled over for speeding in Key West and was held on $500 bail, Guanabee reported in 2010. Girlfriend Ana Maria Lopez was pulled over on her way to bail him out and was found to have a suspended license. A nice cop told her to get to her destination and promise not to drive anymore until it was renewed. Days later, she was pulled over for driving too slow and busted on suspended license charges. She was held on $1,300 that no one posted until after she spent a night in jail.

Michelle Rodriguez: When "Lost" was still around, police pulled over a drunk Rodriguez in Hawaii and found her to have a blood alcohol level of 0.145, People Magazine reported in 2005. That's twice the legal limit. She reportedly interrupted police who were explaining drunken driving sanctions to her after she was stopped when she was spotted weaving across the road. The angry TV star allegedly told them: "I don't (expletive) belong here! Why don't you just put a gun to my head and shoot me! You've already taken my freedom! You might as well take my life too!" Moments later, her co-star Cynthia Watros was stopped on the same road for driving erratically. She was also charged with drunken driving.

Christian Chavez: The telenovela star and singer is accused of attempted murder by his ex-boyfriend Ben Kruger. Kruger said recently that the fight started regarding a photo of Chavez in drag that Kruger posted to social media. Chavez wanted the photo removed, and as the fight escalated, he allegedly grabbed a knife, prompting Kruger to lock himself in the bathroom and call 911. Chavez's ex now has a restraining order against him, but prosecutors did not move forward with the case due to lack of evidence to support Kruger's story.

Oscar de la Hoya: The welterweight boxer -- and champion -- was accused of raping a woman when she was 15 at a hotel in Cabo San Lucas three years after the alleged incident, CBS News reported. He denied the accusation, but he and his brother Joel were sued for monetary damages in a suit alleging rape, false imprisonment, sexual battery and assault. Lawyers alleged that the case was nothing more than an attempt to embarrass de la Hoya. "Unfortunately, celebrities are often the subject of these sorts of false stories," Oscar's attorney Robert Chapman said.

Christina Aguilera: The singer was arrested in 2011 for public intoxication where West Hollywood police noted that she was too intoxicated to care for herself, the Daily Mail reported. Aguilera was in a vehicle with boyfriend Matthew Rutler who was pulled over for erratic driving at 2:45 a.m. He was arrested for driving under the influence and held on $30,000 bail. Aguilera was released at 7:30 a.m. the next morning.

William Levy: A 17-year-old and her mother sued the Cuban actor in 2010 for allegedly sexually abusing the girl. Levy and his attorneys said the allegations were false and accused the plaintiffs of blackmailing him. He alleged that they told him to hand over $1 million or they would bring the story to the media's attention. He later issued a counter-suit for $10 million for extortion and defamation. Latin Gossip reported that Levy had indeed met the girl and was told she was 19.

Hector El Father: The Puerto Rican musician and his bodyguards were in serious trouble when the bodyguards began shooting at a couple at a gas station in Puerto Rico back in 2008, Latin Gossip reported. A fan of Hector began to approach him when a bodyguard shoved her away. Her husband who was waiting nearby saw this and went to stick up for her. Suddenly, a brawl broke out in which bodyguards allegedly bit the woman and fired multiple times at the couple. Police later found 36 bullet casings at the scene.

Don Omar: In 2004, Don Omar was found in his Hummer with a gun, a small bag of dope and $1,200 in USD while in Puerto Rico. The reggaeton artist could have potentially faced up to 10 years in prison, the Associated Press reported. The trial lasted two weeks until judges decided to drop the charges against him.

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