Lil Snupe Dead At 18 After Shooting: 4 Things To Know About His Homicide [VIDEO]

Lil Snupe dies at 18 after shooting.
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Rumors were swirling around the Internet that 18-year-old rapper Lil Snupe was dead. It has been confirmed that Lil Snupe, who was signed by Meek Mill's Dreamchasers imprint late last year, is dead after a shooting. The death of the Louisiana native has yet to be confirmed by Meek Mill.

Meek Mill admitted in an interview that he was drawn to Lil Snupe's lyrics when he signed him on.

"He was spittin' so much pain, he's from the south with a flow like an east coast guy," Meek said. "Like with that bounce flow, all over the place, he really can spit, and he was talking that talk that I can really relate to. I seen potential in him."

Here are four things to know about Lil Snupe's homicide:

1. Meek Mill sent out a frantic tweet before the shooting asking for anyone to tell Lil Snupe to contact him. "tell lil snupe hit me up right now!!!" he tweeted.

2. Authorities have not release any official details about the homicide of Lil Snupe. Billboard reorts that no homicides of a similarly aged victim took place in Baton Rouge, where the rapper was from, overnight.

3. According to unconfirmed rumors, Lil Snupe was shot and killed over a $100 dice game.

4. Lil Snupe's manager, Leem7st, confirmed the reports that the young rapper was dead in a cryptic tweet. "The call I got this morning is un real RIP 2 my Lil ni--a lilsnupe," Leem7st tweeted.

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