'NCIS' New Orleans Spoilers: 8 Things To Know About New Spin-Off

"NCIS" Season 11 premieres Tuesday, Sept 24 at 8 PM.
NCIS New Orleans slated to be a potential spin-off if two-episode arch succeeds.

It's no secret that CBS' hit procedural drama "NCIS" is a fan favorite, as the show is currently in the 11th season and has not been showing any sign of slowing down. After successfully launching the "NCIS: Los Angeles" spin-off, "NCIS" boss Gary Glasberg has created a new spin-off that is slated to release this spring. Titled "NCIS New Orleans," the series is being executive produced by Glasberg and "NCIS" lead actor Mark Harmon. If you're curious to know more about the new series, then here are eight things you've got to know:

1. "NCIS New Orleans" has an eccletic star-studded cast with CCH Pounder ("The Shield"), Zoe McClellan ("JAG"), Lucas Black, Scott Bakula  ("Quantum Leap") and Paige Turco ("Person of Interest").

2. Turco will be playing the wife of Bakula's character, Special Agent Pride, who has been described by the network as a man who ""embodies New Orleans. He's driven by the need to do what's right and does it all with warmth, passion, strength and humor."

3. Pounder will play the Jefferson Parish Medical Examiner named Dr. Wade. His character is said to be "eccentric as she is smart. She's worldly, intuitive and incredibly connected to Louisiana."

4. McLellan will be a special agent in Pride's unit named Brody, who is described by the network to be "a Mid-Western transplant (who) comes to New Orleans looking for a fresh start and a safe haven to heal old wounds."

5. All the characters will be introduced in a two-episode arch in the spring of 2014, where viewers can get familiar with the characters and the network executives can see what the fan response is. Should the two-episode arch do well, then it will serve as a starting point for a potential spin-off series in New Orleans.

6. Not surprisingly, the two-episode arch will be linked to the original procedural drama, "NCIS." According to USAToday, Special Agent Gibbs (Harmon) will reach out to Special Agent Pride after the death of a mutual friend.

7. The two episodes are said to have been filmed in February and early March near the "NCIS" set in Los Angeles. There will also be some shooting in New Orleans. "We're going to try to highlight as much as we can, from the bayou all the way into the music clubs," Glasberg said.

8. Should the New Orleans spin-off be greenlit, there's no guarantee that it would be filmed in New Orleans. "That's still kind of up in the air. But we would definitely do some significant filming there," said Glasberg.

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