'New Girl' Season 2 Spoilers: Does Cece Have Doubts About Her Upcoming Marriage? When And Where To Watch Episode 22, 'Bachelorette Party' Online [ONLINE VIDEO & SPOILERS]

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Tuesday's episode of "New Girl" -- airing on FOX at 9 p.m., ET, 8 p.m., CT -- has the gang preparing for Cece's upcoming nuptials.

Fox has revealed that this episode will have Jess hosting Cece a bachelorette party (even though she doesn't want one), while Nick and Winston take her fiancée out-does he not have any friends? Meanwhile, Schmidt knocks on the door of his former girlfriend to find a date for Cece's wedding. If we know Schmidt, and we do, then he's probably trying to find the hottest date he can find to compensate for the alleged love of his life getting married off.

The episode, reportedly, will have Jess wondering why Cece hasn't asked her to be the maid of honor and with Jess finding out that Cece and Schmidt hooked up a mere month ago. Not to mention, Cece gives Nick a big job for their boys-only-bachelor-party: To take a snap of Shivrang's junk since she hasn't seen the goods.

It'll also be interesting to see how Nick and Jess's dynamic is after last week's semi-disastrous date. The episode ended with it being abundantly clear that the two still have a thing for each other. But will that chemistry reflect or will the two be able to gain control over the situation?

The big question for tonight's episode is if Cece has any doubt about her upcoming wedding, because if she does, then Schmidt has a chance. I, for one, hope Cece and Schmidt get together at the end of this season and would rather see her realize this on her own than her fiancée calling it off.

Tune in tonight on Fox to find out.

Missed last week's episode? Watch it online at FOX on Wednesday, or catch up on our recap of everything that went down in Nick & Jess's big date.

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