Donald Trump Is Insulting Mexico Non-Stop! Has He Lost His Hairpiece... Er, Mind?

Donald Trump
The tycoon and reality TV show host was livid the Oscars were "a great night for Mexico, as usual" since he believes Mexico is ripping the US off. Getty

For those who didn’t think Donald Trump’s comments about a Mexican winning big at the Oscars were bad enough, worry not, there’s so much more. The reality TV show host stood firm on his ideas about Mexico “taking all the gold… as usual” and went on to insult the entire country with a series of tweets saying “don’t do business with Mexico” or “Mexico is totally ripping off the US.” And let’s not forget this is a man who’s hinted at running for president! We really wonder, does a businessman not know the importance of doing business with a neighbor country? Or does he know there are approximately 33.7 million Hispanics in the US of Mexican origin he’s pissing off? Not to mention the 122.3 million that live in Mexico.

We never thought much of Trump and his political views, but this time he’s really dug himself a hole/outdone himself. We can’t wait to see all the doors his little rant closes for him. What a jerk!