This Is What Happens When A Dominican Photographer Goes To Alaska For #TheGreatArcticAdventure

Mario Dávalos is a Dominican-Cuban artist, trained as a contemporary painter with a passion for photography. Mario’s work goes beyond documenting nature and explores a more spiritual approach, aiming to capture the stillness within the wilderness. His work is meant to be a “gentle whisper that reminds us of the fragility that defines the natural world and our relationship with it.” 

He’s traveled to Africa, the Amazon and other remote locations including Alaska, which he vowed to visit again after he first went there in 2011. After reading the books Being Caribou and Ordinary Wolves, he knew he had to go back, this time not as a tourist, but as a traveler. Check out some of Mario’s journey above and visit his website for more amazing pictures of this journey he called #TheGreatArcticAdventure.