Satcha Pretto Of Univision's 'Despierta America' Weds Aaron Butler In Barcelona [VIDEOS AND PHOTOS]

Satcha Pretto finally said "I do" to long time boyfriend, Aaron Butler in Barcelona in presence of her friends and family. The wedding took place at the W Hotel in the Spanish peninsula with a spectacular coastal view.

Spanish designer, Rosa Clará, was the one in charge of making the exclusive wedding gown. Pretto met the designer when she opened a boutique in Miami and fell in love with one of the pieces. The final dress was altered to make the dress unique to the "Despierta America" presenter.

Amongst the guess was Univision President, César Conde and his wife Pamela Silva Conde, "Sal y Pimienta's" Rodner Figueroa and Maity Interiano.

It was Rodner who detailed every second of the nuptials on his Instagram social network, uploading videos and photos of all the happenings.

Take a look at the videos down below and scroll-through the gallery above with the inside scoop of Satcha's dream wedding.

Watch the moment where Satcha Pretto throws her bouquet of flowers to the lucky single ladies to the rhythm of Beyonce.

The single men also had a little fun with Satcha's garter belt.

The happy couple cut the cake.

Satcha shares a happy dance with her guests at her wedding in Barcelona.

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