'Scandal' Season 3 Spoilers: Find Out Who Leaked That Olivia Is The President's Mistress [PREVIEW]

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UPDATE: 'Scandal' Season 3 Spoilers: Will Olivia And Jake Be Together In The New Season? Season 3 of "Scandal" will be returning to ABC on Thursday, October 3. The season finale of the show left viewers begging for more, as the media uncovered Olivia and Fitz's big secret: Their affair. Olivia was seen leaving for her morning job when she is bombared by the media for being the president's mistress. With how the season unraveled, viewers have been stewing all summer to learn who is responsible for the leak and perhaps more importantly, whether Olivia can bounce back from the media frenzy. Our bet is that Olivia and her team will find out a way to twist the story to be false, but the more impertinent question is: Who betrayed Olivia? Kerry Washington told TVGuide.com that viewers will know the identity of the leak almost immediately. "When we come back in this first episode, you do hear who spilled the beans and why. It's pretty extraordinary and you won't be able to guess," says Kerry Washington.

"It's pretty darn surprising because we all read the scripts out loud together and we were shocked," added Tony Goldwyn to TVGuide.com. Additionally, Kerry Washington reveals that Season 3 will look into Olivia's past. That should come as no surprise to viewers, as the Season 2 finale revealed that the head of CIA black ops division B613 is Olivia's father. "It has a huge impact for him to be back in her life. I love that we left the end of last season with a billion questions to be answered about her father," said show creator Shonda Rhimes to HuffPost TV. "All you know is that man is her dad; you don't know what the relationship is or what's going on with them and we get to explore that. It's going to be great."

Curious about what else this season will offer to viewers? Cyrus and James will be happy as a couple--finally! The couple went through their share of ups and downs with their adoption disagreement, James' new job, and learning about Cyrus' role in stealing Fitz's election. "We are in a pretty good place," Jeff Perry told E!. "There will always be things that are always a bone of contention with him being a member of the White House press corps though, so we'll have to see if James crosses the line. I told him how to behave, so we'll just have to see if he does!" 'Scandal' Season 3 Spoilers Roundup: Check Out 4 Leaked Details About The New Season!

Additionally, Jake will be back full-time as actor Scott Foley has been made a regular for Season 3. This means there is bound to be a love triangle for Olivia and Fitz, and chances are, Olivia will be dating Jake. Think about it: Last season had Fitz running into Mellie's arms and Olivia was seen feeling vulnerable towards Jake. It seems only fitting (and natural) that she be in a relationship with Jake. Although, it'll be interesting to see what state Jake is in since he was last seen going into the "hole" after not following orders. "I really think it's kind of wonderful because they don't know who he is yet. He's getting in the way of their Fitz-Liv love ... but it's his job," said Shonda Rhimes to HuffPost TV. "Also, I've been stalking Scott Foley for a very, very long time."

And it's not just Scott Foley who will be appearing on the show. Actress Lisa Kudrow is reportedly slated to appear in the White House drama in a recurring role. The "FRIENDS" star will play a politician but all other details are being kept under wraps. This will mark the actress' first major role in recent years. 'Scandal' Season 3 Spoilers: Lisa Kudrow, 'Friends' Star, To Play Politician On ABC's White House Drama [VIDEO]! Additionally, Shone Rhimes has revealed that Quinn is only going to get more dangerous after learning that she has an appetite for killing.

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