Shark Week Is Coming And Latin Times Wonders What Classic Films Would Be Better With Sharks? [PHOTOS]

While they may not be considered two of the greatest films of all time, or even good films for that matter, the two parts of "Sharknado" have had people talking ever since they aired. And now everyone's favorite time of the year on TV is about to start as Shark Week arrives on The Discovery Channel this August 10th, 2014.

Ever since we first saw Jaws and heard that menacing music, sharks have been a part of the popular culture. The Discovery Channel devotes an entire week of the summer to the shark. We are fascinated by them, terrified by them and some of us even eat them. But more often than not sharks are the movie monsters we line up to see, hoping we'll get the pants scarred off of us.

Thanks to "Sharknado" and Shark Week we look at these once fierce creatures as something almost ridiculous. In keeping with that idea, Latin Times has come up with a list of 10 Latin American, Spanish or Hispanic themed movies that would be made so much better if they featured sharks as the main characters. Prepare yourselves for this one and check out our slide show!



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