'Suits' Season 3 Episode 5 Spoilers: Does Donna Tell Harvey About Her Relationship In 'Shadow of Doubt'? [RECAP]

Suits Season 3 Episode 5

WARNING: This article has spoilers for Season 3 Episode 5 of "Suits." Watch 'Suits' Season 3 Episode 5 Live Stream Online

"Suits" Season 3 Episode 5 begins with Harvey calling Donna, who is shacking it up with his British counterpart Stephen. Harvey is still working on the Ava Hessington murder trial and it seems like viewers will finally see Harvey's lawyer skills at play in court in this case. Here are four things to know about "Suits" Season 3 Episode 5 (Shadow of Doubt):

1. Rachel and Mike argue over him meeting her parents. She tells him that she doesn't want her father finding out his secret and she doesn't want to lie to her family. Eventually, Rachel tells Mike she does want him to meet her parents. While meeting the parents, Mike learns that Rachel applied to Stanford for law school. Upon confrontation Rachel tells Mike she got an interview and she might want to go there.

2. We finally meet the mysterious (and gorgeous) Tony Ginopolis. He purchases the firm's clients and drops them. He also started dropping Ava's stocks and learns that Stephen went around his back and gave his daughter a subpoena.

3. Harvey returns to Jessica for help after Stephen's betrayal. He confides in Jessica and she suggests that Ava continues controlling the company as long as Tony can own it. Jessica goes to Ava to tell her it's better to lose a little than everything.

4. Donna finally tells Harvey about her relationship with Stephen. He takes it well and Donna seems unsettled with how well he takes it. While the two have allegedly never slept together--which we know they have--it's hard not to notice that Donna has some kind of feeling for Harvey. But after Stephen accuses Harvey of being jealous regarding Donna (in their Tony dispute), Donna behaves coldly towards Stephen. He, in turn, tells her he has feelings.

5. Jessica offers Harvey his name on the door raising the question: Will he still betray her?

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