Tim Duncan Gay Rumors: 3 Things To Know About NBA Star's Alleged Unnamed Lover

Tim Duncan
Spurs center Tim Duncan was a four-year standout at Wake Forest University. The Associated Press

While Tim Duncan continues to add to his stellar professional basketball career, even now at the age of 37, the four-time NBA champion currently finds himself in the media spotlight as rumors begin to swirl about the possibility of Duncan being gay.

Duncan's wife, Amy, reportedly filed for divorce in March because she believed her husband -- a man she has two children with -- was cheating on her with another man.

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In addition to Amy Duncan believing her husband was having extramarital affairs, EurWeb.com reports that she was also cheating on her husband with her fitness trainer, something Tim Duncan apparently knew about, but didn't make public because Amy allegedly knew about his being bisexual.

Amy treated Tim like a bi*ch throughout their marriage because she knew he was f***ing his BFF.

Tim knows Amy was cheating on him but he's willing to give her whatever she wants, because he doesn't want Amy to tell the world that he's bisexual.

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With Duncan and his estranged wife Amy preparing to enter a divorce battle, here's three things you'll want to know about the man Tim Duncan is allegedly romantically linked to.

1. The Man's Identity Is Unknown

Tim Duncan has apparently known this man for a number of years and his identity remains unknown either because this is all an elaborate lie created by Amy Duncan because she was caught cheating or because the male romance does exist and Tim Duncan does not want the gentleman's identity released to the public.

2. Romance Between Duncan and Unnamed Supposedly Began At Wake Forest

Tim Duncan was a standout basketball player at Wake Forest University in North Carolina from 1993 to 1997 and it was during his collegiate years that the greatest power forward in NBA history reportedly met this man. The pair lived together for each of their 4 years at college and remained friends long after graduation.

3. The Unnamed Man Allegedly Lived With Tim and Amy For 2 Years

Upon graduating from Wake Forest, Duncan married Amy and when the couple began living together, Black Sports Online reports that the unnamed man lived under the same roof as the couple. Other reports suggest that Tim Duncan even purchased his male friend a condo to move into upon his leaving the Duncan home.

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