Toni Braxton Wardrobe Malfunction: Watch Singer Flash Bum When Her Skimpy Dress Falls Down! [VIDEO]

Singer Toni Braxton really showed her professionalism in a show in New Brunswick, New Jersey when she suffered from a waldrobe malfunction that left her back side exposed to the audience. Despite the malfunction, Toni Braxton continued to sing and carried on her performance and in turn, really lived up to the age-old idiom that "the show must go on." It's not easy to suffer a wardrobe malfunction, let alone in front of thousands of people, so suffice to say that Toni Braxton deserves a lot of props.

While performing, Toni Braxton's barely-there metallic dress fell down from behind. Since the front and back of the dress was connected via side links, Toni Braxton's back side became full exposed while the singer was none the wiser of her wardrobe malfunction. The fans went wild when her dress fell -- for full disclosure, Toni Braxton was reportedly wearing a flesh-colored body suit underneath -- and some lucky male fans were even able to go up on stage to dance with the singer. 

Perhaps because the 45-year-old singer was wearing a body suit, she was unaware of her waldrobe malfunction immediately. Half-way through her performance, Toni Braxton realized that her dress fell and tried to pull the skirt up to protect herself. After a few failed attempts, a man graciously offered his suit jacket to the singer and she slipped it on. After wearing the jacket, the singer took off her dress to reveal her nude body suit to the audience and continued to sing with the body suit and the coat.

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