'Ugly Betty' Around the World Pictures: 20 Fun Facts Of The 'Yo Soy Betty, La Fea' Adaptations [PHOTOS]

With the announcement of the adaptation of "Yo Soy Betty La Fea" for Egypt and other Arabic speaking countries, it goes us reminiscing on the original telenovela and all the other adaptations that have been based on the Fernando Gaitan original. About 20 adaptations have been made around the world taking the heards of all the viewers that have been exposed to this sweet and romantic character.

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The basis of the "Betty" story is nothing too complicated, it is about a young girl, fresh out of college that is struggling to find a job. She then applies to an assistant job completely irrelevent to the industry she wants to work in and is only hired because the womanizer boss needs to be kept in check and not fool around with the secretary. Little by little an attraction starts forming between the two and all the exterior appearance starts not weighing as much as the inner beauty that Betty has.

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This same plot has been adapted into the different versions around the world and it has been a hit every time in countries like India, Mexico, Georgia, Russia, Greece, China, Spain, the United States and many more.

Let's celebrate Betty's beuty with 20 fun facts from their adaptations. Scroll-through the gallery above and tell us who your favorite Betty is.

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