'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: 4 Scenarios In Which Baby Judith Is Alive

Is baby Judith alive in "The Walking Dead"?

The mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" featured a lot of lives lost, but one of the most heartbreaking ones (aside from Hershel) was the loss of baby Judith. But fans who saw the episode can attest that without a corpse, the chance is still there that Judith is alive. "There was a lot of blood in that car seat, I don't know," said series creator Robert Kirkman in an interview. "You'll have to tune in." Additionally, baby Judith was left out of the memorial reel of "Talking Dead," which hints that she did not die. The lack of a corpse, coupled with Kirkman's interview and the exemption of Judith from the memorial reel, suggests that Judith is, in fact, alive. How can she live and who took her out of the car seat, you ask? Here are four scenarios how Judith is alive:

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1. Carol was taken out of the season after Rick learned that she was the person responsible for the prison killings. Since then, the character has been MIA. What better way to re-introduce her to the prison than her saving the life of Judith. The car seat was bloody, but not filled with a corpse. As such, it is entirely possible that Carol saved Judith's life and kept her safe. When she brings Judith back in the episodes after the mid-season finale, then Rick would be so happy to see Judith, he'd forgive Carol.

2. It is also possible that someone from the Governor's camp has taken Judith as leverage. If they kidnap her then they can bring her back at any point and ask for anything in return. This theory is a little troublesome, as Judith's fate could be up in the air for a long time until the creative team decide what to do. Perhaps someone else will raise Judith for years and she won't even remember that Rick is her father. Or, perhaps, they'll return her by the end of the season. Regardless, amidst all the fighting, it is a viable scenario that Judith was taken.

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3. If you were in the middle of a fight to save your life and see a baby sitting around as zombie-bait, what would you do? You can't stop fighting and you can't let the baby die. The best alternative: Hide the baby. A car seat isn't exactly easy to blend with your surroundings, so perhaps someone took Baby Judith out (after saving her life from a zombie) and then hid her in a safe spot. In this scenario, the survivors at the prison would have to find her in the episode to come.

4. This last theory is a bit of a stretch, as she may technically not be alive. If baby Judith is dead, then is she a baby zombie? What exactly does a baby Walker look alike? We're not going to lie, as much as we want baby Judith to be alive and well, we also are increasingly curious about what a baby zombie looks like and how it would behave. Or, perhaps, babies cannot become zombies?

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