'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: Is Negan The New Villain?

"The Walking Dead" Season 4 Spoilers
"The Walking Dead" Season 4 spoilers

In the mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" season 5, fans got to see the Governor die in a conflicting moment, as the episodes leading up to his death showed him leading a, relatively, more normal life. That said, after the Governor killed Martinez and beheaded Hershel in front of his two daughters, fans let out a sigh of relief to know the main antagonist is no longer a threat. With the Governor gone, it is a fair question to wonder who the next threat will be. Since "The Walking Dead" is based off comics, the more impertinent question is: When will be the next threat be introduced? 

In the comics, the villain introduced after the Governor's death is Negan. The character is introduced to the comics after roughly more than 50 issues after the Governor dies, but given how fast-paced the show is, will he be introduced in season 4? Negan is the leader of a group of survivors called "The Saviors" and they are based in an area called "The Sanctuary." The ruthless villain loves expletives and his weapon of choice is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, which he affectionately calls Lucille. With such a dramatic and fulfilling mid-season finale, it seems only fitting to make the remainder of the season more interesting by introducing the new villain. 

But according to what comics' writer Robert Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly, they show will create some space between the death of the Governor and the introduction of Negan. "There was a lot of breathing room in the comics between them. Whether or not we have the same amount of breathing room, or if we do cut that down a little bit and bring him into the show a little early remains to be seen," said Kirkman. "But I definitely do think there needs to be some kind of space from a Governor into a Negan. You have to have something of a break in there." He adds: "I wouldn't expect him to be showing up -- definitely not in Season 4. I don't know. I wouldn't expect it too soon. But we are all very excited about the prospect of bringing that guy into the show. The plan is that we will see him eventually."

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