'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: See 8 Leaked Details Ahead Of The October Premiere Date!

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Season three will resume with episode nine, “The Suicide King,” on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013 at 9 p.m. EST. AMC

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Oct. 13 and in addition to a new season, this season will mark the first being managed by new showrunner Scott Gimple. "I'm excited to tell stories in the book that I love," Gimple said to The Hollywood Reporter. "We're catching up to some of those. We're taking the greatest hits approach of all the things I loved that we've done and grabbing from all the different seasons and working it up. There are a lot of characters that are dead on the show that aren't dead in the books. There are a lot of characters on the show that aren't in the book. It's a remixing of a lot of elements from the book in different context; different characters a lot of the time but taking the emotional thrust of those elements and putting them all in a different rhythm. People will see stuff from the comics and they'll know exactly where it came from but it'll be in a different context -- it has to be. You'll also see stories that are totally outside of the comic that have never been seen before. But the basis for those stories are totally from the spirit of the stories told in the comics." 'Walking Dead' Spinoff To Air In 2015, AMC Confirms

If you, like us, can't wait for Season 4 to arrive, then enjoy the following eight juicy spoilers in the meantime: 1. There is a new threat that are "not really walkers" and not "other people" accordign to co-executive producer Denise Huth. "The relative safety that they've created at the prison begins to fall apart," says Huth. 2. One episode in Season 4 of "The Walking Dead" will be an exact copy of the comic--verbatim. "It's really fascinating to make those slight departures, introduce new characters and then get to a situation where you take one episode and you really stick to the source material. You'll be surprised about the way the characters lay out," said executive producer Greg Nicotero. 3. In addition to a new threat, there will also be a new prison comunity from Woodbury residents. "Some people buy it and some people don't subscribe to it and some don't really conform to it," says Nicotero. "It allows for some interesting character work." 4. Rick will be focusing more on being a father after realizing that being the group leader has taken away from that. "He's trying to find a way to add value and help and try to find a place for himself inside the community where he can do that without having to be the alpha male making all the decisions.... This is a very different Rick. How long that can last, however, is another question," said executive producer Dave Alpert.

5. The Governor will change after going through "some heavy stuff," according to Gimple, who adds that the Governor will come to terms with the terrible things he's done and will show how he accepts the man he has become. 6. The show will answer why Rick decides to return to the prison, according to star Andrew Lincoln. "We answer it this season," said Lincoln, adding that his relationship with son Carl (Chandler Riggs) affect's Rick's decision making. "The relationship with Carl is integral to the beginning of the season from Rick. [Carl] turning into a sociopath at the end of the season woke him up to his parenting duties. You find Rick in a completely different place this season."  7. A Latina, Christian Serratos, will be joining the cast to play a survivor named Rosita Espinosa. She will make her debut with Abraham and Eugene--her character is in a relationship with Abraham and desired by Eugene. 8. The "Walking Dead" trailer reveals that there will be a time jump when Season 4 begins and Season 3 ends. The Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers Revealed By Cast: See 14 Leaked Details Here!

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