Watch ‘Dexter’ Season 8 Episode 1 Live Stream Online: Watch What Will Happen In 'A Beautiful Day'

Dexter returns for its final season on June 30.

UPDATE: 'Dexter' Season Premiere Spoilers: Who Died In Episdoe 1 'A Beautiful Day'? [RECAP]

The season premiere of the 8th and final season of "Dexter" is finally upon us and fans can catch the show live online on your TV, computer or phone with Showtime Anytime®. If you missed the episode, then you can watch the episode the next day using On Demand. And of course, Latin Times will be featuring a recap of each episode.

According to the ShowTime preview, the Season 8 Episode 1 premiere of "Dexter" will take place six months after the death of Captain María Esperanza del Alma LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez). Season 7 saw LaGuerta becoming suspicious of Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and working to try to implicate him of the murders. She even goes as far as releasing Dexter's mother's killer to bait Dexter into murdering him. Dexter fails to fall for the trap and is ready to kill LaGuerta, but Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) finds him and pleads that he not kill her. LaGuerta pleads for her life asking Deb to kill Dexter, and Dexter drops his weapon allowing Deb to decide who to kill: Dexter or LaGuerta.

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Deb ultimately shoots LaGuerta in the chest and the six month flash forward in Season 8 will show how Deb's murder will affect her. Previews suggest that Deb becomes a mess and her relationship with Dexter is significantly different. Whether or not the two can repair their bond is unclear, but an interview with Hall suggests there is trouble between the two.

"With the cliffhanger that ends the seventh season, all bets are off," said Hall to Entertainment Weekly. "For the first time the person who's always revered and looked up to him is turning his back on him, and that's sent him into a bit of a spiral."

Catch a preview of the season premiere of Season 8 of "Dexter" below:

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