When Does Jodi Arias Trial Resume? Retrial On Penalty Phase Set For July With Death Still An Option

Jodi Arias trial continues as first jury deadlocks.
Jodi Arias has been convicted of murdering Travis Alexander.

The Jodia Arias murder trial has not reached a verdict and as such, the judge has scheduled a retrial for the case for July 18. A new jury will be seated to determine the fate of Jodi Arias, who has been convicted of murdering Travis Alexander.

The original jury convicted Jodi Arias on May 8 of first-degree murder for the 2008 death of Alexander, but were unable to reach a unanimous decision on whether or not to sentence her to life in prison or death. The murder conviction will remain, but prosecutors now face a decision or whether they want to try the death penalty one more time or take that sentencing off the table.

If the prosecutors decide to pursue a death penalty sentencing again, then a new jury will be seated in accordance with the Arizona State Law, in a process that would take months and cost thousands of dollars. Should the new jury also deadlock, then the judge will sentence Arias to life in prison or release after 25 years. The judge will not be able to sentence her to death.

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"As of this point in time ... we will proceed with the intent to retry the penalty phase," said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery in a statement, according to the Associated Press.

It is also possible that the prosecutor will decide to take the death penalty off the table and agree to settle for a life sentence in prison. After Jodi Arias' attorney have pulled every trick in the book to get rid of the case -- they tried motions for mistrials, alleged prosecutorial misconduct, appealed the high courts -- they will be seeking to avoid the death penalty.

"It is solely for them to determine if continuing to pursue a death sentence upon Ms. Arias, who is already facing a mandatory life sentence, is a good and proper use of taxpayer resources," defense attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott wrote in a statement provided exclusively to The Arizona Republic.

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