Where To Hide Easter Eggs: 15 Best Places To Hide Treats Outside And In The House

Easter egg hunt
One of the best parts of Easter is going on an Easter egg hunt! Shuttershock

On Easter, many children receive Easter baskets and that is one of the traditions that families follow on Easter. But after the children eat their candy, the best part of the day is definitely the Easter egg hunt. Parents hide eggs, whether it be inside the house or out, in places for children to find them. This is a tradition that will definitely never grow old. You can also scan the areas to see if there are any other good places to hide the eggs. Enjoy the Easter egg hunt, and remember the most important part of the day is to be with family and have fun! Here is a list of the best places to hide the eggs inside the house and outside

1.       In a patch of long grass

2.       If you have a playground in the backyard, you can maybe place it on the swing or on the slide

3.       In the drainage pipe that comes all the way down from the roof

4.       In tree branches

5.       In bushes

6.       In a car muffler

7.       Burying  the egg

8.       If you have a dog house you might want to put one in there.

9.       Underneath the couch

10.   Within a bunch of toys

11.   Inside shoes

12.   In the egg carton itself

13.   Inside of a dollhouse

14.   Remove a light bulb and put the egg in its place

15.   Behind the oven

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