Who Is The Brain Surgeon In Dexter Season 8? 6 Possible Theories Of Who Is The Killer [SPOILERS]

Dexter Season 8 Spoilers

It's the final season of "Dexter" and the show has introduced a new major serial killer that is haunting Dr. Vogel (Charlotte Rampling). She tells Dexter (Michael C. Hall) that someone has been leaving an ominous message on her doorstep by leaving a piece of human brain in a jar. Dr. Vogel hypothesizes that it is one of her former patients and is concerned that hers will be the next brain acquired by the mysterious serial killer if Dexter doesn't get to him/her first. 'Dexter' Season 8 Spoiler Roundup: Everything You Need To Know About The Show's Final Season

While there is no clear answer as to who this brain-loving serial killer is, there are several names that could be thrown into the hat. With so many characters losing their sanity and returning to the show, it could really be any character, including Dexter himself -- although we seriously hope this isn't true. Here are six different possibilities on who the notorious brain surgeon on season 8 of "Dexter" could be:

1. Debra: I know this sounds crazy, but what if Deb killing Captain María Esperanza del Alma LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) made her realize that she enjoys killing, much like Dexter. And the remorse she's feeling for Captain could be for all the other murders she is committing. Alternatively, it could be that Deb blames Dr. Vogel for Dexter's ways and in turn, for the death of Captain LaGuerta and is seeking revenge.

2. Hannah: Hannah recently returned to Miami, but what if she has been here all the while and has been committing the murders that are haunting Dr. Vogel? She certainly has a bone to pick with Dexter and let's be real: She is new to the show and not much is known about her. Hannah, thus far, has killed out of self defense and those who have wronged her, but what if Dr. Vogel is one of those individuals who has wronged her?

3. Dexter: This would be a wild card, but Dexter has been killing for years and perhaps in this process, he has managed come up with his own style and his own victims. While Dexter has revealed he has no interest in killing Dr. Vogel, leaving the brain in her front doorstep could be a cry for help or just a game for him. Perhaps Dexter finds his usual kills too mundane. This theory is viable, if one considers Dexter's ability to evolve. As for Vogel's abduction, perhaps that was orchestrated by Dexter to bring him and Deb closer? Will Dexter Die In Season 8? Cast And Creators Seem To Be Hinting At Fatal End To Popular Showtime Series.

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4. Dr. Vogel: The doctor seems to be the most popular suspect when it comes to being the brain surgeon. As the master of the code, she can easily be committing the murder and pretending to be a victim. Her motive is up in the air, but it is entirely possible that Dr. Vogel has turned to the dark side -- or perhaps she was always a killer. What's more, given her background in neuropsychiatry, keeping the brain as a trophy seems incredibly fitting.

5. Lumen Pierce: This character hasn't been seen in a while but she is the only other person that knows Dexter's secret. Having taken part in the deaths of each and every one of her attackers, could she have evolved into a serial killer? Possibly so.

6. Oliver: Who? Dexter's neighbor. The now ex boyfriend of Cassie --who just got killed a couple of episodes ago-- might be the actual killer and probably that's the way the writers are going to go. Dr. Vogel has a lost son, and he might be him, who may be working together with Mommie Dearest.

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