Who Will Replace Ziva On NCIS? Rumors Suggest Leslie Hope May Be Cote de Pablo Replacement [SPOILERS]


"NCIS" actress Cote de Pablo has announced that she is leaving the CBS hit show after eight years. In light of the actress' departure, CBS came out to say that they offered her a lot of money and did everything on their end to keep the actress on the show.

The announcement of Ziva's departure has left fans wondering many questions, including: What will happen to her and Tony? Will she be killed off and perhaps most importantly, who will replace her?

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Michael Weatherly revealed in an interview that there will major developments in the Tony DiNozzo and Ziva story arc.

"Even if you're a casual viewer of the NCIS, even if you've only seen one marathon on USA, this season premiere and the first couple episodes you're going to want to check out," Michael Weatherly told E! News. "Even if you hate Tiva [Tony + Ziva], even if you love the Tiva, if you're ambivalent, it's like a big Christmas stocking on Christmas morning."

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As for whether or not Ziva will be killed off, executive producer Gary Glasberg has confirmed that Ziva will not be killed off from the show.

"It's not what this character deserves," executive producer Gary Glasberg said. "Also, [we killed off] Sasha Alexander's Kate character [back in Season 2] and I like the idea of doing this one a little different and respecting who [Ziva] is."

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And regarding Ziva's replacement, Gary Glasberg has revealed that the show will rotate actors and actresses to fill her spot until they decide on her final replacement.

"The first two episodes are all about Ziva's departure," Glasberg said. "And then in the third episode we introduce, for instance, a woman in her 50s who is a few days away from retirement and just needs to fill the desk time. She, in theory, knew Gibbs all the way back to the days of Mike Franks. So we're going to bring in people like that and have some fun with the different characters. And then, hopefully, when people are comfortable enough, one will walk in the be The One."

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That said, rumor mills having been churning that Leslie Hope of "24" will be Ziva's replacement, as the actress is joining "NCIS" this season. Here are four things to know about her character:

1. Leslie Hope will play a guest-starring role on "NCIS" season 11. Her character is named Sarah Porter.

2. Leslie Hope will play a high-level Navy official who will join the show in the second episode, "Past, Present, Future."

3. Leslie Hope's role has been described as "one that has tremendous importance in the 'NCIS' world. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have joining us at this pivotal time than Leslie. We're thrilled to have her."

4. Leslie Hope's character will be someone who knew Gibbs back in the day and they have a shared history.

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