Are you a dead hard soccer fan? Or maybe you are just a World Cup fan, well either way futbol fever has taken over the world, and we at Latin Times are most certainly not complaining! The World Cup is like a holiday, and while it only comes once every 4 years, when it’s here it tends to be a ton of fun, with hilarious memes, some player biting, inappropriate underwear moments and of course all those breath taking goals. So while you’re schedule may be jam packed with going into the Round of 16 on this “South American Saturday,” we know you are just dying for even more soccer.

Your wish if our command, and due to the constant demand for all things soccer throughout the month and of course the beginning of July, we have decided to compile a list of the top 10 best soccer movies of all time in order to give you the necessary prescription for your World Cup fever. But beware after watching all of these films, which are a mix of classics, inspiration, and absolute comedy, you may want to watch even more soccer. Luckily the best is yet to come in the World Cup now that be viewers and players alike have moved on from the group stage.

In no particular order, our list includes, “Goal” and of course “Goal II,” followed by “The Damned United,” “Amando a Maradona,” “El Sueño de Ivan,” “El Crack,” “Como No Te Voy A Querer.” In addition to the international hits on our list, we have some good old classic futbol flicks like “Green Street Hooligans,” “Shaolin Soccer,” and last but not least, “Victory.”

For the international soccer movies, which may not be available to you all the time, Comcast is giving their viewers the chance to stream all 6 movies On Demand from now until the end of the World Cup on July 13! To watch, viewers must access your Xfinity On Demand feature and view movies under Mundial 2014 of the Latino section to enjoy with other dedicated World Cup devotees, also known as your family and friends!