What a year 2013 has been for Latinos in Hollywood! Each year we get more and more Latinos trying to make it in the tough industry that’s finally opening its doors to us, and casting our people in characters that are distancing from the typical stereotypes. Not only that, but our music is also transcending and crossing borders without any prejudice, and we’re finally getting the respect and recognition that we’ve worked so hard to achieve. This year in particular it has been great for a few Latino veterans that made their mark even bigger, but it also has been amazing for some crossover stars that transitioned seamlessly from Spanish entertainment to the American market.

To celebrate all those Latinos who have taken Hollywood by storm, and the many more who will in the future, we’ve put together a top 10, the ones that have made the most headlines in 2013, and the ones whose names are well known in the Spanish and English communities. Those Latinos that have excelled internationally with their hard work and fine execution of their craft, and those who we hope continue making headlines in the future for their achievements. So what are you waiting for? Scroll through the pictures above and let us know what you think or who you think should’ve made the cut!