The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted a 2014 Toyota Corolla crash test, which resulted to a disappointing "marginal" rating in the small overlap test category. 

The small overlap test simulates the results of a small face vehicular crash against an oncoming vehicle, a tree, or a utility pole. Unfortunately, the 2014 Corolla crash test demonstrated severe structural damage which compromised the passenger cabin. 

Although the 2014 Corolla managed to perform highly in other categories, the small overlap test has cost the Corolla from earning a “Top Safety Pick” designation.

No doubt, Toyota’s reputation as an automaker that produces safe, reliable, and dependable cars is threatened by the latest “marginal” safety rating for its highly anticipated all-new Corolla. To combat against the challenging crash test, Toyota is working to improve the frontal safety of the 2014 Corolla.

The small overlap crash test has been implemented in the new series of IIHS crash tests since 2009. However, Toyota has remained conservative with its chassis engineering and chose not to perform too many developments for the 2014 Corolla until the crash test was conducted. 

It will be too late for Toyota to implement any chassis reinforcement changes for the model year 2014 Corolla but the changes will most likely be in place by the 2015 Corolla. Unfortunately, this will also mean that prospective new car buyers may choose to wait an extra year before bringing home a brand new Toyota Corolla. Various other models in the Toyota lineup will likely benefit from the revised Corolla’s chassis upgrades as well. 

Be sure to watch the 2014 Corolla small overlap crash test in the video below: