The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is less than two months away and as each of the 32 clubs continue to prepare for what they hope becomes a worthwhile trip to the popular soccer destination, fans of the sport remain optimistic about the chances of their country come tournament time. While these teams and their respective fan bases wait for the highly anticipated event, EA Sports is nearing the release of a video game they hope will help soccer enthusiasts pass some of the time leading into the summer games. Sure, "FIFA 14" has been a tremendous success since its September release but with numerous gamers hoping to play with national teams as opposed to just club squads, the next delivery from the video game superpower should help fill those needs.

With "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil" to be officially released on Tuesday, April 15 in North America, soccer fans and sports video game lovers across the United States, Canada and Mexico will surely be looking to get their hands on a game that focuses solely on the enjoyment of international football. In addition to its release in North America, "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil" will hit Europe and Australia on Thursday, April 17, while the Japan launch will take place on Thursday, April 24. Looking to bring the game to as many people as possible through the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms, "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil" producers felt reaching people who have never played ‘FIFA’ games was a goal as well in order to help spread the gaming brand and the sport of soccer.

“We don't have limitless resources,” "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil" lead producer Matt Prior told Engadget recently. “We wanted to bring the game to as many people as possible and right now that was the 360 and PS3. We wanted to create the best game we could that could reach as many people as possible. Emerging markets were important to making this decision. We wanted it to be for people who haven't played FIFA before. The World Cup is such a massive event that it needed to have its own game.”

Thanks to the addition of new features such as World Class Control, fresh penalty kick options, over-the-back headers and beautiful set piece tactics among many other additions, "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil" should not disappoint. New game modes including "Road to the FIFA World Cup," "Road to Rio de Janeiro," "Captain Your Country" and "Story of Qualifying" will give each gamer multiple outlets to test their overall playing ability while also providing each person an opportunity to move into the World Cup with their country of choice.

Now that the game is set to launch at the World Cup -- which begins on June 12, 2014 -- has set the dates, times and locations for the opening matches, check out the slideshow above to get a first-hand look at each of the 12 stadiums that will be featured in "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil" along with the match-ups that will take place inside these venues come World Cup time.