July 4th is a time for friends, family, barbeques and cocktails, and of course memes. There are quite possibly no better memes than USA themed memes, so when America’s birthday rolls around you know the jokes are going to be too good. From 1776 to 2014, America has had 238 years of quality time to think of jokes, make those jokes into memes, and then put those memes on the Internet, and while we are thankful for our nation, folks seem just as grateful for the hilarious jokes our world power nation has spawned.

So while you are enjoying some down time on your day off, be sure to check out all the USA themed memes the Internet has to offer. Latin Times has collected some of the more comical ones, but like many things on the World Wide Web, there are too many 4th of July memes too count. In addition to the world of memes that has literally taken over Twitter, several brands are celebrating 4th of July with patriotic Vines. These short videos feature fireworks, candy, and even some fancy home tools turned into exploding fireworks.

Check out all the memes and Vine videos, and let us know if we missed any really great ones. Comment in the comments sections below and let us know what 4th of July meme is your favorite! Happy 4th of July, and may you, your friends and your family enjoy America’s Independence Day!