4th of July is a time when friends and family gather to celebrate the birthday of America. People flock to beaches, boardwalks, enjoy barbeques and cocktails, and truly bask in the glory that is the United States of America. And while we are certainly not downplaying the amazing feat of the original July 4th way back in 1776, time has changed, wigs, wooden teeth, and ruffles are out and ripped denim is in. That right, aside from the sun in the fun, the family BBQ’s and all those delicious drinks, the most important thing about 4th of July is your outfit.


4th of July parties are the penultimate summer time bash, when not only is your tan in peak condition, but your hair is perfectly skin kissed. So why not take this holiday as an opportunity to show off your best assets, and believe us every one looks good in red, white and blue. If you are a true American loyalist, then break out your stars and stripes, throw on a pair of shades and remind everyone that while “these colors don’t run” either does your mascara and your fashion game doesn’t even waver for 4th of July.


In fact like the fashionista you are, you were specifically born for this moment.  And like any good American, especially following the USA’s loss to Belgium in the World Cup you are loud and proud, and look fantastic in a patriotic outfit. Check out the gallery above to get inspired and discover your perfect patriotic look from the lovely photos of Pinterest