Amazon's Kindle ebook reader is arguably the leading one in the market. But for those looking for cheaper alternatives, there are a lot offered online. Some alternatives even have advantages over any Kindle ebook reader.

Check out the 5 alternative e-book readers on Amazon:

1. Nook GlowLight 3 eReader by Barnes & Noble

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Barnes & Noble's Nook GlowLight 3 eReader features GlowLight illumination for reading in bed or under the sun, and has a Night mode for continuous day-to-night reading. It has a soft touch finish at the front and back for easy grip, and has page-turning buttons for a faster reading experience.

2. Likebook Mars E-Reader

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Featuring a seven-inch screen and powered by an Android 6.0-based operating system, the Likebook Mars E-Reader supports multiple file formats and has maximum support for 128GB memory extensions. It has an A2 dual refreshing mode for improved browsing performance and a clearer screen when reading news or comics.

3. Kobo Clara HD E-Reader

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Currently on sale at 20% off, the Kobo Clara HD E-Reader features a six-inch HD Carta E-ink touchscreen for a print-quality reading experience as well as a built-in Comfort Light function for optimized lighting when reading at any time of the day. It can also support a variety of file and image formats.

4. The reMarkable Paper Tablet

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Although technically a digital writing tablet, the reMarkable Paper Tablet can also double as an ebook reader through PDF and EPUB file format support. With no backlights or glare typically found on any LCD display, it is the perfect alternative if you want to write notes on any ebook!

5. Sony Digital Paper (13 in.)

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Although not classified as such and used mainly by business professionals, The Sony Digital Paper (13 in.) can also double as an e-reader! It is lightweight; its thickness is equivalent to 30 pieces of paper. Its battery life can last up to one week!