Alma Muriel died at the age of 62 this past Sunday from an apparent heart attack in her luxurious apartment in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. The acclaimed actress has now left an open space in the Mexican entertainment industry that could never be filled. One of her most iconic characters in telenovelas was Lucrecia from "El Extraño Retorno De Diana Salazar," where she played a woman that accuses an innocent woman (played by Lucia Mendez) of witchcraft during the Inquisition era. "Saddened with the news of the death of Alma Muriel, great actress," Mendez wrote on Twitter. "My deepest condolences to her family and may they find solace to such an unfortunate loss. Alma Muriel we will always remember you."

Throughout Alma Muriel's career there was one man that fortified her presence and gave her opportunities that consolidated her on the small screen. Ernesto Alonso, the acclaimed telenovela producer offered her the leading role of Liliana in "Al Rojo Vivo" (1980). In this original melodrama written by Maria Zarattini and José Rendón, Muriel played secretary to millionaire Don Julio Segovia who is dying. He lives in a mansion with his ambitious niece Tina who is only after his money. Right before he dies he changes his will and names a young and humble mechanic as his heir. He soon falls in love with Liliana but will have to face many obstacles set by Tina who will not let them live happily.

After this role many starring roles soon followed like in "Yo Compro Esa Mujer," "Como Duele Callar" and "Atrapada." After those soaps telenovelas like "Si Dios Me Quita La Vida," "La Culpa," and "Azul" soon followed. Her last telenovela was in 2008 with "Fuego En La Sangre." Scroll-through our gallery above and remember all those unforgettable Alma Muriel telenovelas that will forever live in our memories.