Anti-Reggaeton Commercials: See Shocking Images Of Colombian Campaign Against Daddy Yankee, Arcángel And More! [PHOTOS]

Reggaeton is a musical rhythm that is often associated with many negative images, from the way  it is danced, known as "perreo" to the lyrics of songs that are usually sexually explicit and often references violence towards women. Now a new campaign is trying to make people think twice about this musical style and the effects it might have on society and culture in Latin America and in the U.S. Beginning in Colombia, the shocking ad campaign is called “Usa la razón, que la música no degrade tu condición.”

 "Usa la razón, que la música no degrade tu condición," or "Use reason, make sure music does not degrade your status" is a campaign is driven by social photographers Alejandra Hernandez, John Fredy Melo and Lineyl Ibañes  in Colombia, which literally represents lyrics from reggaeton anthems from the likes of Daddy Yankee and Arcángel demonstrating violence and misgynistic behavior towards women. The ads are powerful and graphic representations of macho culture. 

The authors themselves have publicized the campaign in their social networks, where users have reacted favorably to the idea, supporting the concept that these songs are promoters of gender violence, in addition to vulgar and tasteless. However,  some fans have also come to the defense of these songs.  Lineyl Ibáñez wrote on his Facebook that the "criticism is directed at the content of the songs that place women only as sex objects, women who are attacked not just in the lyrics but also in the videos where they are degraded and used as symbols of sex."

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