Another year is coming to an end and we look back at some of the telenovelas that Univision and Telemundo aired in primetime. Both networks devote the nocturnal time slots to place these melodramas we are enthralled by and watch with passion day after day. This year we saw comedies like "Antes Muerta Que Lichita" and "Amores Con Trampa," more narco novelas like "Dueños Del Paraíso" and the third season of "El Señor De Los Cielos" as well as classic stories like "Pasión y Poder" and "Yo No Creo En Los Hombres." We have recapped the year in telenovelas with the best and worst. Check them out down below and tell us in the comment section which were your favorite and not so favorite from 2015!

Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015
Take a look back at all the telenovelas we saw on Univision and Telemundo as we name the best and the worst of the year. Telemundo/Univision
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Que Te Perdone Dios
BEST: Hate on us all you want, but we actually enjoyed "Que Te Perdone Dios." This remake of "Abrázame Muy Fuerte" was not as campy as that version and that's the reason we liked it. Although QTPD had a lot of fantastical scenes that don't happen in real life, it made sense in the telenovela world writers set for these characters. Zuria Vega and Mark Tacher created magic as the couple and we only hoped they actually had more scenes together. Televisa
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Bajo El Mismo Cielo
BEST: This is the reason why we love that Telemundo produces its own novelas, because they can actually direct them to their audiences. "Bajo El Mismo Cielo" follows a family that comes to the U.S. to pursue the "American Dream". We can all relate to these characters and the acting is superb. Telemundo
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Amores Con Trampa
BEST: "Amores Con Trampa" started off strong, a family comedy that follows the Carmona's as they go from rags to riches. The culture shock they get when they move to the city was the perfect setting for funny comedy. All of the characters were cliché, yes, but that's what made it even funnier. Televisa
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Dueños Del Paraíso
BEST: "Dueños Del Paraíso" was Kate Del Castillo's comeback to the network and she made her return in style. We loved how the setting of this series was in the 80's and in Miami. It was so funny to see all the crazy fashion from back in the day. What we also liked about this production was that it introduced us to amazing Chilean talent that otherwise we wouldn't have known. Anytime Kate is kicking butt on tv is MUST SEE! Telemundo
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Celia
BEST: "Celia" is a fictionalized life of "la huarachera" Celia Cruz. The women portraying the Salsa Queen are great actresses and the quality of the series is amazing. It's not a biography and writers took great liberties with Cruz's life, but we are enjoying every episode of this. Telemundo
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: La Sombra Del Pasado
BEST: We had our doubts that "La Sombra del Pasado" could live up to Adela Noriega's "El Manantial" and we were proven wrong. This remake delivered a solid story, that never stood still. There was very little filler and best of all it introduced us to Pablo Lyle and Michelle Renaud in leading roles. Televisa
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Lo Imperdonable
WORST: We loved the pairing of Ana Brenda Contreras and Iván Sánchez for this nth version of "La Mentira," but why remake this telenovela? We still remember Kate del Castillo's version and it was less than 5 years when Televisa had remade it with the name "Cuando Me Enamoro." "Lo Imperdonable" was paced poorly and had a lot of subplots that we could care less for. It was a big ol' mess of three independent stories that never made any sense when meshed into one. Televisa
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: El Señor De Los Cielos 3
WORST: We are sorry, but "El Señor De Los Cielos" is losing its magic and Season 3 is testament of that. Chacorta is not even in this series anymore and they killed off a major character, La Colombiana. WTF? She was the one that had to capture that Aurelio Casillas not sleep with him! Writers completely betrayed that character as an easy way of getting rid of her. Let's not forget Aurelio is a real life villain, not a hero we should be rooting for. Telemundo
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse
BEST: "Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse" is the classic fairytale telenovela. Every aspect of this screams the classic "Cinderella" storyline, but we were not bothered as Africa Zavala and José Ron made a cute couple. Televisa
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Pasión y Poder
WORST: "Pasión y Poder" was probably the biggest upset of the year. How can writers and producers screw a telenovela that casts Fernando Colunga and Jorge Salinas? Both actors are our favorite and having them together should've been a ratings juggernaut. Sadly, writers never really do anything with their characters and they kind of just come and go at the pace of life. If we wanted to watch our boring life, we could talk to each other, when we watch tv it is to escape to another more dramatic world. Televisa
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Señora Acero
BEST: "Señora Acero" continues to destroy anyone who messes with her. Roberto Stopello, the head writer, has made a great effort of making these characters compelling enough to continue the storyline. Telemundo
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Antes Muerta Que Lichita
BEST: "Antes Muerta Que Lichita" initially seemed like a "Yo Soy Betty La Fea" rip off, until we actually watched it. We loved this telenovela as it not only was hilarious, but it also follows a strong female lead, one that is not entirely moved by only love, she has a mission to become the best in her field. There are not many telenovelas that have a woman at the center that actually has a career and goals like Lichita. The women usually fall into money because of a dead father, or marry into it. Lichita is trying to earn her money and tripping along the way. Televisa
Best And Worst Telenovelas 2015: Yo No Creo En Los Hombres
BEST: Hands down "Yo No Creo En Los Hombres" was one of the best telenovelas of the year. The acting, production, writing was perfection. It has been a long time since Televisa produced all-around quality and this was it. What really stood out was that the main storyline was not a love triangle as it's typical in telenovelas, it was just a woman that was wronged in life and kept hear head up time and time again. These strong women roles are the ones we are drawn to and love to see portrayed on television. Adriana Louvier is one good actress and directors did wonders with Gabriel Soto, who actually convinced us that he could act. No offense to Soto, but it showed how much he has grown from over the years. Televisa