Season 7 of the "Big Bang Theory" will premiere on CBS Thursday September 26 at 8pm. Last season left off with Penny and Leonard having to say goodbye because Leonard was offered a chance to work with Stephen Hawking out at sea on a scientific expedition. Sheldon of course didn't want Leonard to go because Sheldon basically can't function without Leonard in his life. Penny knew this was an important opportunity for Leonard's career and was supportive of her boyfriend even though he would be gone for a few months.

Season 7 of the "Big Bang Theory" will see old relationships tested and new ones form. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter showrunner Steve Molaro gave the entertainment site a few surprise spoilers for the upcoming season. Since the day Leonard first met Penny he had been infatuated with her. Hanging on her every word Penny could get Leonard to do pretty much anything, even if it meant coming home with no pants. Molaro told Hollywood Reporter fans of the show are "going to be surprised with how Leonard's handling the distance with Penny."

Molaro told Hollywood Reporter that in the first episode of season 7 we will see the surprising way Leonard is dealing with being away from Penny. "He's having a really good time on that boat," Molaro said. We might be seeing Leonard have a good time with some women on the boat. Do you think the devoted scientist will cheat on Penny? Speaking of Penny her relationship with Sheldon is about to go through some major changes. The pair begin to share more intimate moments together as they bond over missing Leonard.

"You will see that Penny and Sheldon are both missing Leonard and are spending some quality time together and getting closer than ever -- which I love," Molaro told HR. "I love the Penny-Sheldon relationship as much as I love anything on this show. I think her love for him is very real...She is like the big sister who is taking care of him." Sheldon's relationship with neurobiologist Amy Farrah-Fowler is still progressing, but at a slower pace. Amy's character has grown into her own person with her own storyline.

Amy and Sheldon do not have any scenes together in the first episode Molaro explained. She is going on a road trip with Bernadette. They pair are heading up to a biology conference. It will be the first time the two characters hang out without Penny. Molaro told the Huffington Post in an interview that Sheldon and Amy's relationship "will keep going along at their snail's pace which, to Sheldon, is not a snail's pace at all. So it's all the perspective you're looking at it from."

Last season fans were shocked to learn that Raj overcame his fear of talking to women. Penny stopped by his apartment after Lucy, Raj's socially awkward girlfriend, dumped him in a text message. Lucy suffered from a social phobia more intense than Raj not being able to speak to women without alcohol. But that came to an end during Penny's visit with Raj. The awkward astrophysicist realized he was pouring out his woes to Penny sans alcohol.

Molaro told Hollywood Reporter about Raj: "He can speak to women without the aid of alcohol, but that does not mean he's any good at it. So, lest anybody think he's about to be a player, I don't think that's the case. We hit it in the first episode back, and he's out looking to try to meet a new woman." The writers are also toying with the idea of rekindling Raj's short romance with Lucy. Fans get ready because there is only three more weeks until the return of the "Big Bang Theory."


Penny- Kaley Cuoco

Sheldon- Jim Parsons

Amy- Mayiam Bialik

Leonard- Johnny Galecki

Raj- Kunal Nayyar

Howard- Simon Helberg

Bernadette- Melissa Rauch

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