On Sunday the Brazilian football season came to a violent end when a brawl broke out among fans. Sundays match held in the Arena Joinville had to be stopped for an hour when supporters of Vasco da Gama and Atletico Paranaense began to fight in the stands. The fight broke out during the first half of the game a number of spectators were injured, requiring a helicopter to transport them to hospitals. The match was televised and the violence was seen by millions across Brazil.

Images from Sunday's fights show a man believed to be unconscious laying on the ground as others kicked him in the head. TV cameras filmed a player from Atletico Paranaense crying as he witnessed the violence among fans. "I've been playing for 20 years and I've never seen anything like this in person," defender Luiz Alberto told reporters. "We will have a World Cup in our country and we know these images will be shown everywhere." Since the game was a private event there were no police inside the stadium to help calm the crowds.

"We tried to tell the fans to stop because things would only get worse. We looked at the stands and there were no cops. There was nobody to stop the fighting," Alberto continued. "This is deplorable," said Vasco da Gama coach Adilson Batista to reporters. "It's sad to see images like these just before the World Cup in our country. I'm shocked this is not sport." The incident in Santa Catarina came two days after the lottery draw for the 2014 World Cup for which Brazil will act as the host country.

The clash between fans draws attention to the larger issue of violence across Brazil. Protests across the nation broke out in the early part of 2013 and one of the issues angering the Brazilian people was the rising cost of hosting the World Cup. In October the leader of one of the most feared criminal gangs in Brazil, known as PCC threated a "World Cup of pain." The leader threated a number of terror attacks if their demands to have incarcerated members of the gang kept out of maximum security were not met.

Violence and football are found to go together in Brazil and some blame the combination on the collapse of Brazilian justice system. The perpetrators of violent crimes and corrupt leaders tend to go unpunished for their crimes. In June 2013 a referee officiating an amateur match in Maranhao stabbed a player to death and was then himself stoned and decapitated by the crowd watching. Violence in football stadiums in Brazil has seen 150 people killed in the last 25-years. The fighting among fans has more to do with league clubs then the national team. Concerns still remain regarding the 2014 World Cup.