Brazilian and Mexican fans have come together to cheer on for their respective national soccer teams during their second outing at the 2014 World Cup! The passion that soccer followers feel for this sport is out of this world and they go all out to support their players. A Mexican icon that is very well known in Brazil is "El Chavo" character which in the South American country is known as "Chaves." Mexico followers dress up as the character and are instantly recognized by the Brazilian people. Fans dress up showing their national pride in Azteca costumes, sombreros and their representative colors in their face and clothes. See the photos of fans supporting Mexico and Brazil down below!

There has been one shining star during the tournament known as Cabeção, the psychic turtle, who has been predicting the winners of each match. Yesterday he was put to the test again and asked who would win tomorrow's game and "El Tri" fans should be excited as the tortoise has given them the win. The game that will be played at the Castelão stadium in Fortaleza would shock the host country as they are the clear favorite to win the cup. This game will mark some sort of a rematch after the Aztec country won gold over Brazil at the 2012 London Olympics. Watch him predicting the winner here!

Many videos have gone viral during the World Cup. One that sparkes controversy involved Lionel Messi during his debut with the team from Argentina this past weekend. As the 26-year-old striker made his way through a tunnel to shake officials' hands a child approaches the star, extends his hand but is completely shunned. Imagine the feelings of this kid, a fan of the player that watches his games on tv every weekend and here was his moment to meet his idol, but got ignored. As it is Messi is heavily criticized for being arrogant, but to be fair it does look like he waves at someone before getting the officials. Some sites have cited that it might be that the player known as "La Pulga" ("The Flea") didn't see him because of the height difference, but Messi is already relatively short. See that moment here!