Fans most certainty did not see the events of last night's "Family Guy" coming. In the episode titled "Life of Brian," the beloved dog that has been with the Griffin family since the show's pilot was hit by a car and killed. Brian and Stewie had just returned from the past and Stewie made the decision to destroy his infamous time machine. With no replacement parts available to him Stewie was unable to return to the past and save his dog. Brian's final words to the Griffin's were expressions of his love for them before closing his eyes forever.

Many have admitted without shame that at that moment a cartoon brought them to tears. This had us at Latin Times wondering what other tearjerking moments TV shows have given us. Many of us enjoy watching TV because our favorite shows take us to new places where we can immerse ourselves in a fantasy world or pretend the hero is fighting for us and cheer as the good guy saves the day. Despite all these happy memories associated with TV, many writers have often hit us with heartbreaking moments that involve the deaths of some beloved characters.

Shows including "The Tudors," "Sopranos," "MASH." And "Game of Thrones," just to name a few, have all topped the Latin Times list of tear jerking character deaths. For some the deaths of these characters were shocking, to others heartbreaking and maybe welcomed for a few others. Just because we love a character doesn't mean the next guy will. So take a look at who Latin Times considers some of TVs most beloved and memorable characters and their deaths.

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